Super Diet Genius Reviews

If you are looking for iPhone diet tracker app reviews or iPhone diet planner app reviews, you came to the right place! Below you’ll find testimonials from fans of Super Diet Genius, the best diet tracker app available for the iPhone!

Brilliantly Awesome! ★★★★★

by Kevin R.

This is a great app! I'll give it five stars because it helps you plan and quickly check off what you've done. And also helps with the shopping. Well Done!

Awesome ★★★★★

by Murray

Ok, just spent a few mins look though app, and I must say I am blown away with it, setting reminders when to eat, selecting what to eat or let it pick for u, tell it what u have in kitchen..

Takes what You have in Your Pantry and Plans Your diet ★★★★★

by TMM

This app is fantastic in that it takes into account what you have in your pantry and the food that you like and it plans out a diet for you to follow based on the amount of weight that you want to lose and also on how you currently weigh and how tall you are. It will tell you based on the data that you input how long it will take you to reach the weight that you want to be. If you are lucky enough to have reached your goal, it tells you how to maintain it. The app allows you to email your plan to an email address which is good because I often want to print my daily plan and I do not a way to do that off of my iPhone. I have bought one for my sister as a birthday present and she reports that it is the best diet app that she has ever used. She and I hate to count calories and the beauty of this diet is that you do not have to count anything. The app does all the counting and figuring for you. I hate the entire serving size calculations that many diets require and there is none of that calculating while using this app. Another very cool thing about this app is that it gives you many alternatives to the menus that it suggests and you can just refresh the screen to bring up another suggestion. The app has a water tracker for folks like me who forget to drink water and it even has a reminder function to remind you that it is time for a snack or whatever. This app is super cheap and worth every penny given everything that it does and it makes a great gift for any dieting friend or relative. Get it. It is great!!

Unique features not available on other dieting Apps ★★★★★

by Mick

This app is unique in that it takes into account not only what you like to eat but also what you have in your pantry and custom makes a meal plan for you. You can set it up in less than 15 minutes and you can adjust the settings if you do not like the meal plans that it is making for you. You give this app some basic information regarding how much you weigh, how tall you are and how active you are and then it ask you what you like to eat and you select from a huge list of foods. Next you tell it what you have on hand and voila, you are off to the races. This app is so affordable and so useful that everyone should have it. The meals that it suggests are easy and doable and once you are at your target weight it gives you advice on how to maintain your weight. Useful app with cool features.

Awesome ★★★★★

by Donna

I really really like this app. I don't say that about many apps. This one is worth every penny. I'll update later once i have had a chance to follow the program for a week or two.

Perfect for Diet Restrictions! ★★★★★

by Starlett

As a Vegetarian I have had a hard time finding a app that was worked with in my dietary restrictions and was not overly complicated. This by far the easiest to use and to follow. The feature that sets it above the rest is the ability to change food choices daily based on what you have available, and can be done n sec. Awesome!!